Why Certain Food Stains Are Hard to Remove

We’ve all come across rug stains that just won’t come out. Often the stain comes from food and beverages. Some foods contain natural staining agents. These natural agents stain rugs easily and some are used to colour rugs during the rug making process. The other class of foods contain a food colouring agent.

We aren’t aware of it but many mass produced foods contain food colouring. Psychologically we are drawn to food that looks bright, ripe and healthy. Food colouring also adds a competitive edge to against another leading brand. This is why food colouring is added to commercial foods.

What makes certain foods stain badly is the food dyes added to them. So when food is spilled on a rug it’s like adding chemical dye to the rug fibers. The best chances of removing a rug stain in this case is to get the stain while it’s fresh. You also need a professional rug cleaner.

Normal rug stain care won’t do the job of removing the stain without rug damages. Store bought solutions can be too acidic and even remove the surround colours in the rug. This makes the situation worse. It’s best to use a professional rug cleaner.

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