Entrance mats are essential for keeping your home clean. There is a quite a difference if you don’t have them or haven’t placed them properly. This is why all commercial offices, schools and venues have entrance mats. Here is a guide for placing entrance mats and entrance rugs in your home.

Entrance rugs are generally place outside the entrance. The rug pile is sturdy and more rigid to allow people and pets to initially wipe their feet before coming inside the home. In Canada the entrance rug is also a bit absorbent to accommodate snow and rain. Entrance rugs are generally small and short in length.

Entrance mats are generally placed inside the home. These have a rubber backing and the fibers capture dirt and water. The entrance mat is generally longer and with synthetic fibers. Some households have long rugs at the entrance. This is fine except they don’t usually have a protective rubber backing.

In locations where there is less rain and no snow smaller entrance mats are used. These are sufficient for capturing dirt from shoes. In this case a small entrance mat is all that is needed to keep the building clean.

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