When we do regular weekly cleaning there are areas we often forget about. Areas where there is a lot of furniture and rugs in particular need extra maintenance. Here are several ways to effectively clean your rugs and keep them in top condition.

Vacuum Weekly

Dust, dirt and other debris settle into your rug on a weekly basis. This is why it is good practice to vacuum your rug on a set day every week. Vacuum each section of the rug slowly and with a brush roll setting. This maximizes dirt removal.

Vacuum Underneath The Rug

A lot of dust and dirt gathers underneath the rug overtime. Many people don’t even realize this until they roll up the rug to be sent out for professional rug cleaning. If there is too much furniture to move just flip over the sections that you can, then vacuum up the dirt underneath.

Rotate Furniture

It’s important to rotate the furniture arrangement periodically. This allows the rug pile to breathe. This also prevents the pile from becoming brittle and prone to breakage. If you leave the furniture in place it can permanently flatten the rug pile in that section.

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