Most of us are familiar with shag rugs. These rugs offer an unique texture and feel. Often these rugs are placed in areas in the home where we spend the most time. These include living rooms and bedrooms. Because of the long rug pile shag rugs are composed of, they need extra maintenance and care. Here are ways to care for your shag rug so you can extend its use.

Weekly Vacuuming

Shag rugs tend to collect more dust and dirt than other rugs. The thick long pile strands allow for this. Shag rugs should be vacuumed 2-3 times a week. Each section of the rug needs to be vacuumed slowly several times. This optimizes dirt removal.

No Food!

Food and beverages are a bad combination with shag rugs. A food accident is difficult to clean properly and can attract pests. Such pests include mould and bacteria. It’s best not to eat near shag rugs.

Annual Cleaning

The only proper way to deep clean a shag rug is with professional rug cleaning. Some rugs can be cleaned on the spot. However most rugs need off-site cleaning for a thorough deep clean.

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