We’ve all noticed that it quite trendy to put shag rug near the fireplace. However, we never questioned why it’s popular to place this rug in this place in the first. Place there are many reasons why the shag rug fits so naturally at this location.


The main reason shag rugs are placed here is because it makes the area more luxurious. Shag rugs have a thick pile that is often made of wool. It feels nice underfoot compared to hard flooring.


Thick shag rugs provide insulating qualities for a room. This is why they are frequently used in cottages, cabins, ski resorts and locations with a snowy environment. The thick rug pile captures the warmth and provides warmth for the room so you can get cozy.

Dampens Noise

Another great quality for shag rugs is the fact that they dampen noise. Wool and other thick pile materials cut echo in the room. It can also help dampen noise coming from the outside.


Shag rugs are known for their soft texture. It feels great under your feet and feels nice to touch in general. It’s great for setting a cozy feel for the fireplace area.

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