Have you ever wondered where banana silk comes from? Generally, it comes from a banana tree but it has two different methods. Banana silk is used to make fine rugs and tapestries but it requires two different methods of cultivation to extract the fiber from the tree.

The first method where banana shoots are cultivated is known as the  Japanese method. The banana shoots are first boiled in lye to prepare them. Different areas of the shoots give different degrees of soft silk. The outermost most fibers are coarse and are used for home furnishings such as silk rugs. The innermost fiber of the shoot are softer and used for finer items such as silk clothing.

For the second method the trunk of the banana tree is harvested for silk. This method is known as the Nepalese method. First small piece of the trunk is processed to extract the fibers through a mechanical method. The fibers are then bleached and dried. After this the silk fiber is further refined and spun into thread.

All these methods are traditionally done by hand. Silk fiber is lightweight, very fine and used to make exquisite rugs. Silk rugs add elegance to offices and studies but they can’t be placed just anywhere. Silk rugs are delicate and shouldn’t have furniture place on top of them. They also should be placed in an area with high foot traffic.

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