Shag rugs are great decorative pieces for your home. To keep them they require regular weekly maintenance. If you don’t maintain your rug you can end up with mould and other pests. There is a few simple process you can do to remove dust, dirt and other liquid spills.

If your rug is medium sized or smaller you should shake it outside or drape it over a railing. If you can leave it on a railing in sunny weather, use a broom to beat dust out of it. UV sunlight will also help kill bacteria and some other pests.

Since a shag rug has long thick pile dirt, hair and other fibers get trapped within it easily. Ideally you want to adjust the height of the vacuum for a long pile. If you don’t have this option for your vacuum you can still vacuum but you shouldn’t use the brush roll setting. The long pile can get stuck or be ripped from the rug.

Vacuum slowly over each section of the shag rug to optimise dirt removal. If it’s possible you should flip the rug over and slowly vacuum the base of the rug. This removes additional dirt and helps keep the rug cleaner.

You should have your shag rug steam cleaned once a year. This is the only way to thoroughly remove trapped dust and dirt. This method is good for regular synthetic rugs that aren’t very thick. Wool shag rugs that have thick pile need to use specialized machines at a cleaning depot. This way the rug gets the deep cleaning it needs. They also have effective drying methods to properly dry shag rugs.

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