Rugs are often the centerpiece of any room for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is the rug is placed usually in the center or the room. It also functions as a focal point to arrange furniture around. There are optimal ways to arrange your rugs so that everything is aligned in the room.


The rug design has a lot to do with how you can arrange your room. Most people go for symmetrical patterns and lines. These design act as guidelines for placing the rug in the right spot and arranging the furniture around it. If the room has strange dimensions consider getting a rug with asymmetrical patterns.


If you have furniture, walls and other items with different colors they can clash and make for odd interior design. Having a rug that has all the colors can help bring the room together and stop the colors from clashing.


We often place coffee tables and dining room tables at the center a rug. Persian and oriental rugs have an oval shape at their center which can help properly arrange the tables.

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