We’re all aware of traditional rug styles and designs but there are a lot of modern rug styles you can choose from. New rug designs can make any place look modern and beautiful.  Here is a look at popular modern rug designs.

Asymmetric Patterns

Having rugs with irregular patterns can really dress up a room. This contrasts from solid and stiff patterns with no variation. It keeps a room from looking drab and boring.

Bright Colour Tones

Many people are opting for rugs with colorful bright tones. This is often paired with furniture that is also bright.


Reversible rugs are a rather new invention. Each side of the rug features a different rug design so you can switch between preferred styles easy.

Asymmetric or Irregular Shapes

These rugs are quirky and add variation to an otherwise regular environment. You can also get a rug shaped to fit corners of a room or an irregular space.

Graphic Design

In this day and age, you can choose from a variety of graphic designs for your rug. This allows you to customize your rug to your preferences and you can even choose designs that are related to pop culture.

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