We age and regular use your rugs can be susceptible to damages. Thankfully there are many rug repairs service options available to mend damages. However, most people don’t know that most rug damages can be prevented using simple methods.

Rug fading can be avoided. Most of this discoloration occurs because the rug is placed in an area with direct sunlight. The UV light acts on the pile material and will cause it to discolor over time. Keep your rugs out of direct sunlight and keep the curtains closed during peak sunlight hours.

Furniture is another common source of rug damage. The weight of furniture and the force of gravity can crush rug pile. To prevent permanent damage you should periodically rotate furniture placement to allow the pile to breathe. A shock absorbent underpad helps offset forces as well.

Regular foot traffic can cause the pile to flatten and wears out sections of the rug. A shock absorbent underpad will help combat friction against the rug and prevent the pile from wearing out. This makes your rug resistant to mechanical pressure.

Annual rug cleaning can help prevent damages by renewing the rug material. Proper rug cleaning will remove dirt and any food particles. This keeps your rug safe from pests that eat rug pile such as silverfish.

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