Bamboo silk rugs are a special commodity that. Bamboo comes from one of the fastest growing plants and is both eco-friendly and durable material. With bamboo materials becoming more and more popular it may be interesting to look at the process of how is made.

Bamboo silk fibers essentially come from bamboo bark. Bamboo is first steamed to break down cellulose from within it. The bark is crushed up and then given an enzyme treatment. Next material is washed to extract the silk fibers.

Silk fibers are then dyed to produce light coloured silk fibers. Bamboo silk rugs have a unique luster to them. They are more durable than other silk but should still be placed with care. They should be used to decorate areas with less foot traffic and pets shouldn’t be on them.

Bamboo silk rugs need special maintenance and cleaning. For vacuuming a brush roll setting shouldn’t be used because it will subject the rug to mechanical damage and wear out the fiber. Don’t place heavy furniture on top of the rug either. This will cause wearing of the material and may cause some sections to thin.

Additionally, bamboo silk rugs shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight. They also need regular annual cleaning with an experienced silk rug cleaning professional. These rugs require special treatment for cleaning and drying them properly.

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