Did you know that shag rugs can come in 5 different styles? These fluffy and soft rugs are known for their deep pile and wonderful texture. With five shag rugs styles to choose from your rug can fit into different areas of your home. The shag rug fibers are all long but they come in different textures.

Flokati Shag Rugs

These rugs are made from wool material and are the fluffiest type of shag rug. They are hand-woven and are traditionally made in Greece. This shag rug is 100% wool including the rug backing. These wool rugs usually come in white or creamy colours, but they can be dyed just about any colour. These shag rugs need weekly maintenance where they are cleaned and brushed. These rugs need professional off-site cleaning.

Flokati Shag Rugs

These rugs are made with the wool material are twisted to produce a noodle-like appearance. The thick pile provides a nice soft texture that helps reduce noise. This type of shag rug also comes with thinner and looser strands. Its shaggy appearance is where the term “shag rug” comes from. Again wool rugs need offsite cleaning because of the thickness of the wool material.

Leather Shag Rug

In this modern era, it’s no surprise that rugs can be made from leather material. Leather shag rugs are made from leather pieces of different sizes and shapes. From a distance this shag rug gives the appearance of a pile of leaves. This type of rug is a bit easier to clean because it requires vacuuming and leather cleaner.

Acrylic Shag Rug

As the name suggests this rug is made from acrylic fibers. It’s more cost effective than wool or leather but doesn’t give the same texture. These rugs are soft but they don’t have the same plush feel or texture as wool. These shag rugs are highly flammable and you have to be mindful about where you place it in your home. This rug can be cleaned with expert steam cleaning.

Synthetic Shag Rug

This type of rug is the easiest type of shag rug to clean. The synthetic fibers guard against dirt and stains. However, this rug doesn’t give the same degree of plushness or the same texture as wool. They can be cleaned with professional shag rug cleaning.

No matter what your shag rug is made of, it requires professional rug cleaning. Vivid Cleaning offers premium rug cleaning for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA.  Call us today to schedule a free rug pickup and delivery.



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